breastfeeding cushion, large

Wawita cushion has been thought to accompany mother and baby since pregnancy.

The mother finds an invaluable resource for relaxation during pregnancy, to rest lumbar and cervical areas, to support her belly to sleep, to avoid cramps, etc.

When breastfeeding, her waist and arms can rest, placing the baby at the ideal height.

It embodies the baby when playing or sleeping.

It can be used to breastfeed twins at the same time.

Large: It is used during pregnancy, to breastfeed, to lay the baby down and as a didactic cushion. (it includes play kit)
Small: It is used during pregnancy, to lay the baby down and to breastfeed.



1. Which one is the best to use during pregnancy?
Any of the cushions are suitable during pregnancy to sleep in a lateral position; the large cushion supports the cervical area to the legs so as to hold knees separated. The small cushion can support the cervical area and the belly or belly and legs, but does not cover the whole length.
In the event you want to rest cervical, lumbar and legs, both work the same.

2.Which are the differences for breastfeeding?
When breastfeeding, if the mother is very small, any of the two sizes can surround her waist to support her back and provide enough supporting surface for the baby; if the mother has a standard or large complexion, only the large size will provide all the comfort and the small size will just provide support for her waist or to pick up the baby.
In the case of twins, only the large size is useful to give support to both babies at the same time.

3.Are they the same to carry the baby?
To carry them, it is always easier to use the small size.

4.How long can each of them be used?
Both sizes are used during pregnancy, breastfeeding and to lay the baby down.

5.What are the cushion laces for?
These laces are used during breastfeeding, to hold the baby in a more comfortable position when both of them are laced up.
Another use is to change the cushion into a mattress to lay the baby down, tying both laces.

6.What are the Velcro caps in the large cushion used for?
These caps are used for didactic purposes in the large cushion; the toys that come with the cushion are placed there to encourage the baby to remain sitting.

7.Are they washable?
Yes, both of them have a cover with zipper, removable to be washed.
In the case of the inner part, it can be hand washed with extreme care.

8.Why aren’t the caps and the pocket on the same side?
Because one side is used to breastfeed and the other one for the baby to play.

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