anti-reflux mattress

Our mattress has been designed to put the baby in a leaning position thus reducing the level of reflux and the risk of bronchoaspiration. 

It is also useful in the event of catarrh in upper respiratory tracks, bronchospasms, broncholitis, 
etc. since the inclination degree of the mattress reduces the cough produced by mucus that goes down when lying horizontally.

width 51cm / height 20cm / depth 60cm


What is gastroesophageal reflux? 

Gastroesophageal reflux is the return of gastric content towards the esophagus. Until the baby incorporates solid food and the esophageal sphincter is mature enough, it is advisable that the baby lies with a 30° inclination to avoid the return of food.

1. The anti-reflux mattress is placed below the crib mattress. 

2. The back straps of the parachute are adjusted in the mattress fasteners.

3. The baby is laid on the parachute, fastening him up with the velcros. 

4. The former straps of the parachute are placed behind the baby’s arms to allow more freedom of movement. 

5. The former straps go through the eyelets of the back straps; they are the adjusted in the upper part of the mattress in the most comfortable position for your baby.

6. The cylindrical cushion is placed below the baby’s bottom, so that his weight is supported. 

7. It is designed for the baby to enjoy complete freedom of movement whether he is asleep or awake.

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