stroller blanket

Padded blanket with a waterproof cloth to protect from cold and dampness of the floor and grass; and a smooth cotton cloth for the contact with the baby. Thought to create a play area. 
It includes 1 set of three toys.


1. How is it used?  
The Manta car has five eyelets to spend seatbelts both the car seat and the stroller. Standing open, the straps are passed, standing and adjusts the baby, and then closes. Se coloca abierta, se pasan los cintos, se coloca y ajusta el bebé, y luego se cierra. Thus, the baby is always warm. 
At the bottom, you can close to within feet are like a sleeping bag. Open, can be used as a blanket, or to lay the infant. 

2. Does it come in different sizes? 
No, the measure is standard to fit all belt systems, and all sizes of baby. 

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