snuggle nest

It is a small cushion to be placed around the newborn and to provide him containment.
The smooth space created inside it refers the newborn to his intrauterine condition and avoids heat loss.
It also helps sleeping condition and the anti-reflux position if necessary.




1. Which is the purpose of the Snuggle Nest?
The Snuggle Nest purpose is to provide the baby a warm and containing space to refer him to the intrauterine feeling and to enhance relaxation.

2. Is it washable?
Yes, it has a cover with zipper, removable be washed. In the case of the inner part, it can be hand washed with extreme care.

3. What is the purpose of the elastic strap with a snap?
This strap is used when the newborn is a premature or very small baby and it is necessary to reduce the containment space.

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